Achilles Tendon Injuries

If you watch basketball you probably saw or heard about DeMarcus Cousins recent injury to his achilles tendon.  He was diagnosed after the game with an MRI confirming a complete rupture of his achilles tendon which means he will not … Continue reading

Ankle Replacement Surgery: How long will recovery take?

I’ve been doing total ankle replacements for a couple of years now.  My implant of choice is the Wright Medical Ankle Implant because of its full, staged, revision system should revision ever be necessary.  One of the most commonly asked … Continue reading

Tendonitis Basics

Tendonitis is any inflammation of a tendon. Tendons are strong bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones. Inflammation is pain, swelling, and irritation due to injury, overuse, infection or disease. Tendons, unlike ligaments that attach bones to other bones, … Continue reading

Total Ankle Replacement: Who’s a Candidate?

I see a lot of new patients that struggle with arthritis.  One of the most common places is the ankle joint.  We usually start simple with x-rays, bracing, anti-inflammatories, injection therapy, and minimally invasive procedures like an ankle scope.  What … Continue reading

Weak Ankles

Many people have the common misconception that weak ankles are something that they are born with and that there is not much to be done about it.  Too frequently I have heard patients say, “Oh yeah, doc, I sprain my … Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Ice

I see many types  of injuries to the foot and ankle during a regular day at work.  These include sprains, broken bones, inflamed joints, tendonitis, and other mild overuse injuries.  The most popular problem we see is heel pain or plantar … Continue reading