Arch Madness

March brings the onset of spring and warmer weather.  As we decide to start doing more walking outside it’s also a great time to inspect our orthotics. Many orthotics are very durable and will last sometimes for years. Patients always … Continue reading


According to mythology, the Greek Hero Achilles was invincible except for his Achilles tendon, which was shot by an arrow and later caused his death. Today, arrows rarely pierce the tendon, but it still remains a huge weakness to modern … Continue reading

Pediatric Heel Pain

Calcaneal apopysitis or pediatric heel pain is a common condition where the growth plate of the heel  is inflamed and becomes very painful.  It was previously called “Sever’s Disease” but it is not a true disease at all. Growing pains … Continue reading

Why All Custom Orthotics Are Not the Same

Custom orthotics are made from an impression made of your foot that captures the contours of your foot and fits you specifically. No one else can wear your orthotic and it can’t be taken off a shelf and handed to … Continue reading

What Orthotic Do I Need & Why Not to Pay Too Much?

Orthotics is a fancy word for what most people call arch supports.  They come in many forms and start with the simple Dr. Scholls cheap supports in Walmart and progress to the custom devices that can range from a hundred … Continue reading

What’s in it for me? Why an orthotic?

So I get asked almost every day what an orthotic is and what it does. An orthotic simply is an arch support, but that way over simplifies what it does. The orthotic sits in your shoe and changes the way … Continue reading