Winter Olympics and Your Feet

In case you didn’t know this month is the Winter Olympics in South Korea. All these athletes have dedicated their life to mastering their sport and being among the best in the world. All of that training and work takes … Continue reading

Achilles Tendon Injuries

If you watch basketball you probably saw or heard about DeMarcus Cousins recent injury to his achilles tendon.  He was diagnosed after the game with an MRI confirming a complete rupture of his achilles tendon which means he will not … Continue reading

It’s Hammertoe Time!

Toes are relatively small and you rarely think about them until they start hurting.  There are 3 problems that come up in the toes; mallet toes, claw toes and hammer toes.  Let’s talk about hammer toes.  All toe problems begin … Continue reading

The Gravity of Gout

Growing up I loved the Indiana Jones movies.  They had suspense, adventure and interesting historical tidbits.  One scene became relevant to my profession as I was asked to give a presentation to my co-residents.  If you remember in “The Temple … Continue reading

Fall Prevention: Leaves are supposed to fall. People aren’t.

In the early 90’s, while I was enjoying grunge music with a bad haircut, my 90 year old grandmother fell when she was out shopping.  Many times, these falls result in breaking an ankle or a hip, which require surgery, … Continue reading

I Love What I Do! – Readers’ Choice Award

I was very humbled to be chosen this year as the winner of the 2017 Readers Choice Awards for best Podiatrist.  The award was given thanks to those who voted for me this year.  I am blessed to have wonderful … Continue reading

15 Year Anniversary

In July of 2002 the ink dried on the paperwork and New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute was formed out of the ashes of a practice run by Dr. Michael Federico.  Dr. Federico had run a fantastic practice out of … Continue reading

Latest Digital X-Rays

We finally had to say goodbye to an old faithful in the office last week.  We had an x-ray machine that was over 30 years old.  We took a lot of x-rays over the years and had a lot of … Continue reading

September is Fall Risk Awareness Month

September 22nd is Fall Prevention Awareness Day. I feel confident that most of the blog readers were unaware of this. We can’t stress the importance of fall prevention. At least we can celebrate the successes of prevention. Here are some … Continue reading

What’s wrong with the Groupon?

What’s wrong with the Groupon? I’d like to answer the question that keeps coming up in clinic when I talk to patients.  What’s wrong with the Groupon?  It’s cheaper and it is still a laser right?  Well that is a … Continue reading