Homegrown Ingrowns

HomegrownIngrownsWe at the New Mexico Foot and Ankle Institute treat a lot of ingrown toenails every day. An ingrown toenail occurs when a sharp part of the nail starts growing into the skin at the side of the nail (the nail fold). Once this happens, the skin gets irritated, painful and frequently infected.

Why does this happen? Well, like so many things in medicine, we can often blame our parents. Occasionally patients relate that the generation before had really curled toenails and family members had to “pick them out” from their youth.  These are frequently “homegrown” in our genes. Next, ingrown toenails can be “homegrown” because we cut our nails wrong at home. Improperly cutting them too short, trimming diagonally at the corners or attempting bathroom surgery to dig them out can cause and even make condition worse.

Thankfully, most ingrown toenails resolve on their own in a couple days. Some still require oral antibiotics, soaks or other treatments. If they get progressively worse, a simple procedure can be done to alleviate the pain and even prevent them from coming back every again. We at the NMFAI have fantastic treatment options that can help people even on day one and make “homegrown ingrowns” a thing of the past.

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Justin Ward, DPM

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