Custom orthotics are made from an impression made of your foot that captures the contours of your foot and fits you specifically. No one else can wear your orthotic and it can’t be taken off a shelf and handed to you the same day. There are many ways to capture the contour of your foot, but a sitting or laying cast of your foot is the gold standard.

What Makes Custom Orthotics, Custom?

If you have a very flat foot you don’t want to capture that bad position in a cast by standing on it while capturing the contour. We want to capture the position that your foot needs to be in, not the position that is giving you pain. After the casts are made they are sent to a lab where they are handmade from models made of your foot from the casts.

The orthotics are made according to the prescription written by your podiatrist. They can be hard or soft, cushioned or plain. They can be full length with pads to fit a running or hiking shoe or thin and slim to fit a dress shoe as needed. That is why they are called custom. They are made to the specifications that your foot needs and what “you” need to use them daily.

Fitting Them to Your Feet

After they areAlbuquerque Experienced Orthotic Specialist fabricated they are sent back to your podiatrist who will then personally fit them to your foot. Many times they need to be broken in and then can be adjusted as needed to personalize that fit even further. There are many sources for orthotics and many podiatrists who make them. Make sure your podiatrist is fully customizing your orthotics to your needs and wants without compromising the goals of the treatment plan for your foot. I take great pride in ensuring that we use only the finest materials, the best casting methods, the best orthotic lab and the best experiences to ensure the highest possible outcomes for all of our orthotics.

Nathan Ivey
Experienced Albuquerque podiatrist specializing in preventing and treating foot and ankle pain.
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