When your feet and ankles aren't happy, it's hard for the rest of you to be. Don't live life in pain. At New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute, we strive to help patients obtain a better quality of life through improved podiatric health—and we're committed to making the experience of getting the care you need to get back on your feet as painless as possible. Our multi-physician podiatry practice provides complete medical and surgical care for the feet, ankles, skin, toenails, and lower legs, and offers wide-ranging treatments—including advanced interventions—and prompt appointments at two state-of-the-art locations in Albuquerque.

We're passionate about ensuring patients have everything they need to fully understand their condition, treatment options, and what they can do to resolve a foot or ankle injury or manage a chronic podiatric problem. In addition to our regularly-updated blog and FAQs, we also publish a monthly podiatry newsletter filled with essential information and helpful tips for keeping your feet looking and feeling their best. Here are just a few examples of topics we've addressed in past issues:

  • Finding bunion-friendly shoes
  • What to know about foot and ankle pain
  • Solutions for sweaty, smelly feet
  • Getting rid of dead skin
  • Making the most of your orthotics

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