Posted on Feb 16, 2022

Nail Polish:   Podiatrist formulated advanced nail enamel.  Long lasting, brilliant color.  Enriched with Garlic Bulb Extract, Tea Tree Oil, WheatProtein and Vitamins C and E.

Exceptional wear, quick drying,high gloss and chip resistant.

Hydrating Therapy:  Clear coat nail treatment for dry brittle nails.

A natural nail conditioner, infused with the carbohydrate complex Pentavitin which contains moisturing binding capabilities. Hydration is also enriched with whole wheat protein and four major vitamins.

Remover:  A non-acetone enriched nail polish remover.

REMEDY Remover is infused with vitamins, protein and naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients. Why not do something good for your nails, even when taking the polish off?

Base Coat, Polish, Top Coat, Hydrating Treatment, Cuticle Oil & Remover


Perfect for the following conditions or treatments:

Toenail Fungus



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