Posted on Feb 16, 2022

KT TAPE is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support.

Whether you’re training for your first marathon, getting ready for your next game, reaching a personal fitness goal, or just trying to get through the day, you already know that nothing slows you down faster than pain and injury. KT TAPE is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be used for hundreds of common injuries.

KT TAPE not only looks good, but it also provides 24 hour relief per application for days at a time through sweat, strain and humidity, and can even be worn in water thanks to our specially designed adhesive.



Perfect for the following conditions or treatments:

Achilles Tendonitis
Ankle Stability
Ball of Foot
Peroneal Tendonitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Top of Foot
Turf Toe



OTC Products are always available…no appointment is necessary.  

OTC products are ONLY available for purchase in our offices.  We DO NOT ship OTC product.