Fall prevention, like many other problems, begins with recognizing there is a problem.  This realization happens by noticing that you lose your balance more often or you have had a number falls in the past year.  You may also be evaluated by a physician, who will ask you a number of questions and watch you walk around the office.  These evaluations don’t take long but can be of great help if it results in you feeling more secure in walking.

Albuquerque Podiatrist's Guide to Preventing Falls 

Now you acknowledge you have a tendency to fall but what can be done about it.  There are some walking aids you can use to help you feel more stable.  These include; braces that give your foot a slightly wider base and support your ankle, a walker that widens your base even more or even just a cane.  These can also be augmented with physical therapy, where they will help you to adjust your gait to make it more stable.  Any of these could have helped my grandma when she fell, luckily, shfall prevention in seniors | Albuquerque podiatriste recovered fully from her injuries, but it would have been even better to prevent such a fall.

Fall Risk Assessment

Have you or someone you love had a fall recently?  If so, it is time to request a Fall Risk Assessment.  We can perform the Fall Risk Assessment and begin the process of preventing and/or changing the things that can lead to a fall.  Many times, this is a multi-team effort and we can help get you on the right track.

By making minor changes, you can lower your chances of falling.

Request a Fall Risk Assessment today!  Call us today for an appointment at 505.880.1000.  We take care of your feet…so that they’ll take care of you!


Ryan Mayberry
Experienced Albuquerque podiatrist specializing in preventing and treating foot and ankle pain.
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