Falls among our senior population is one of the best kept secrets in healthcare. Most people who are having balance problems believe that falling is just a part of getting older. They keep it secret from family, friends and doctors for fear of losing their independence. Then they have a really bad fall and break their hip…or worse. 

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Falls are the leading cause of injury leading to death among older adult. Fall-related hip fractures account for approximately 25% of injuries leading to death among those over age 65, and 34% among those 85 or older. Fall related injuries occur more commonly than strokes and are the most preventable cause of nursing home placement.

Clinical Indications

  • Ankle instability
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Ankle osteoarthritis
  • Mild foot drop
  •  Vestibular disease
  • History of fall or near fall
  • Walking difficulty




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*Clinical Biomechanics, Dec. 2014

“I was issued the More Balance Brace for my ankles and it has made a huge difference.  My back doesn’t hurt, I can walk faster, I can walk without my walker for short distances.  It is very comfortable! It is light-weight and I hardly feel it when I have it on.  Without it, its a lot harder to get around, I was slower, my back hurt, and I felt awkward from a lack of balance.  This brace has helped me so much!” Pat C. 8/7/17


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