Pains in the feet can present themselves in many different ways such as sharp, dull, shooting, numb, tingling, burning, aching, stabbing and throbbing. We use a lot of words to describe our pains because they can be different and just like we have lots of different pains, we can’t just treat all of them with the same single medication. This would be like the above 500 year old image of Hercules fighting the Hydra, a mythical beast with multiple heads that regenerate if you cut them off. Like the Hydra, if you fight pain with just one thing, you are usually going to lose.

As a caring doctor, I really wish I had a single magic pill or cream that could take all the pains away. Sadly, nothing like that exists. But with a combination approach, we can get very close to it. We fight pain from multiple levels. Our brain is the final spot where pain is sent from your toes through your legs, back and neck. We at the New Mexico Foot and Ankle Institute are keenly aware of this complicated process and we understand that there are a lot of areas where pain can be attacked and stopped. With a balanced approach with patient-comes-first care, we can provide individualized therapies and fight the “painful Hydras” in our feet.

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Justin Ward, DPM

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