football foot injuries | Albuquerque podiatrist Football season is upon us and there are no shortages of commercials to force this into our minds. What you might not know, is that in the NFL, the total number of annual injuries has increased from 2,500 to 4,000 from 2004 to 2011 seasons. Despite our advancement in protective gear and the recent limelight on concussions, footballers are getting injured more frequently than ever before in this violent sport.

Football Injuries

Last NFL season, Peyton Manning as well as Drew Brees had at least partial tears of their plantar fascia. Thankfully, it did not put them completely out, but there were significant changes in the way they had to play and time off of the field.  Plantar fasciitis can frequently have a slow onset, but tearing usually has a single moment of sheering pain in the arch. If a player has difficulty bearing weight, they should stop their sport and be evaluated, especially to rule out a more serious injury.

Treating Athletes in Albuquerque

Thankfully, there is hope for proper healing and fast recoveries with the right treatment. At New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute, we pride ourselves on taking care of athletes, young and old.

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