Everyone knows that even the best athletes and most talented stars spend hours practicing and brushing up on their skills.  As a surgeon Dr. Williamson is always looking for opportunities to learn new ways to do things to make sure he is the best foot and ankle surgeon in town.  This Thanksgiving weekend while wondering what he could do to become a little better, he opted to step on a toothpick that was left in the carpet at home.  He quickly assessed the damage to his foot and proceeded to practice on his surgical removal of foreign bodies.  In this case a toothpick deeply imbedded into the bottom of his foot.  He luckily had some lidocaine at home and he gave himself a shot to numb it up and then removed the small piece of wood from his foot.  He called me to get some antibiotics and bandaged himself up.  This is just another good example of how far Dr. Williamson is willing to go to make sure that even on a holiday weekend on a full stomach, after a large thanksgiving meal he was still focused on taking one for the team to sharpen his skills.   The real lesson to be learned here is that you shouldn’t do surgery on yourself at home and that these types of incidents can result in a severe infection if not treated appropriately.  If you ever find yourself with a piece of anything in your foot, give us a call and let us make sure it is treated appropriately.   These accidents are never planned but remember we are always there for you with world class service at New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute.  Now you know we are committed to making sure you are always treated by the best, we practice on ourselves on holidays to make sure we are always ready to do surgery in a flash.

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Dr. Ivey

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