I was very humbled to be chosen this year as the winner of the 2017 Readers Choice Awards for best Podiatrist.  The award was given thanks to those who voted for me this year.  I am blessed to have wonderful patients who were generous enough to take time out of their busy lives to vote for me.  As I thought about how wonderful it was that my patients voted for me for this award, it made me realize how much I love what I do and how much I love my patients.  Those I treat have brought me a lot of happiness and fulfillment.  I have the privilege of practicing medicine and keeping people active by treating their foot and ankle pain.  I have been doing this for 15 years as a private practice podiatrist and I will continue to do so as long as I can.  There have been a lot of changes to medicine that unfortunately have taken away our ability to connect with our patients but as long as we have even a few minutes in each visit to connect I will continue to listen and learn about the pain that my patients experience and diagnose and treat successfully.  The ability to connect with my patients is what continues to drive me to do what I do as well as I can.  I’m grateful for everyone who voted for me who believes in me and my ability to do my job well.  Doing what I do is much more than a job to me and the ability to get to know each of my patients is a true blessing and a privilege.  The relationships I make keep me smiling and coming to work each day.  So I thank all of my patients for sharing a tiny bit of their lives with me even if it is a complaint of pain.  Thank-you for voting for me.  Thank-you for giving me a chance to do what I enjoy and treat you.  It is easy for me to work hard at living up to being the #1 choice because I love what I do!

Don’t Live Life in Pain! Call us today for an appointment at 505.880.1000. We take care of your feet…so that they’ll take care of you!

Nathan Ivey, DPM

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