Hammertoes treatment in Albuquerque | Albuquerque Podiatrist Toes are relatively small and you rarely think about them until they start hurting.  There are 3 problems that come up in the toes; mallet toes, claw toes and hammertoes.  Let’s talk about hammertoes.  All toe problems begin as biomechanical issues with your feet, i.e. flat feet, high arches, etc.  Your foot type and years of walking on them create muscle imbalances that manifest as toe deformities.

Symptoms of Hammertoes

There is a delicate balance of muscles helping to stabilize the toes and allow for normal function.  Once one of those muscles begins to fatigue that balance is thrown off and hammertoes happen.  At first, they are flexible and you only notice them when you have your feet up, then you start to notice them rubbing on your shoes and finally they begin causing pain at all times.

Treating Hammertoes With Orthotics

What can you do?  Early on you can use orthotics to help the mechanics of your feet to give you the best chance of preventing them.  Later as they are flexible a minor procedure can be done to help rebalance the muscles.  After your toes are permanently deformed the only choice is surgery to fuse your toes straight.  Your best option is to have your feet evaluated early, so you can prevent the hammertoes.  Come in to see me and bring your hammertoes with you.

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Janet Simon
Experienced Albuquerque podiatrist specializing in preventing and treating foot and ankle pain.
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