I would like to spend a few minutes clarifying how the Coronavirus, aka Covid19, is affecting the private podiatry practice in New Mexico. Healthcare has been deemed an essential service and has remained open but we have changed who we are seeing and in some cases how we are seeing them. People who have foot issues that can wait have been asked to stay home.

Our Albuquerque Podiatry Office is Open

Many of our patients are high risk and skipping a visit could result in an infection or even an amputation. Our goal is to make sure we keep the pressure off the hospitals and to keep people from having to go to the ER or even worse needing to be admitted to the hospital. As we continue to flatten the curve and lessen the stress on the hospitals it becomes more essential that people who have been putting off care of their feet and ankles come in to be seen.

We now know that the healthcare system in New Mexico will not have an overwhelming surge as we initially thought. Our responsibility is to keep our patients safe. Furthermore, we see infections or possible infections in our clinic daily and have always followed protocols and procedures to make sure we don’t pass those germs from patient to patient. Additionally, we have many patients who are elderly or who have multiple medical problems that puts them at high risk for infections.

Each patient is treated as someone who may be carrying a potential cold or flu and we continue to follow strict safety protocols. We have increased this significantly by making sure our waiting room does not break any social distancing rules and our staff screen patients for potential infections. Our goal is a safe environment for anyone to come to our office to be seen so that everyone with foot and ankle issues can be treated safely.

Telemedicine in Albuquerque

For those times where we can adequately treat via telemedicine we offer that as well. We rely heavily upon physical exam so we will continue to need to see patients in person more than not. Even being stuck at home it can be miserable to have pain and limitations in activity. In order to keep ourselves and our immune systems healthy we need to exercise, even if it is to go for a short walk.

We will continue to provide these essential treatments to anyone in need and we know that fear of infection keeps many people from seeking necessary care. Our commitment is that we will provide that care in a safe and caring environment. Delay in treatment more times than not will result in worsening of the problem and in some cases make it much more difficult to treat or cure. If you have pain or problems with your feet and ankles please call and either make an appointment or be screened to determine if you need to come in. Let us help you get back to a healthy active lifestyle.

Tyler Hille
Experienced Albuquerque podiatrist specializing in preventing and treating foot and ankle pain.
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