A question I often answer is; why podiatry? Do you have some fascination with feet? How can you handle the smell?  The answers to those questions start when I was 6.  I am #6 of 7 children and my older siblings thought I was the perfect size for a game called human cannonball.  It was really fun until I dislocated my elbow.  After one attempt by the orthopedic surgeon to correct the dislocation I recommended he just cut me open and fix my elbow and it worked!  Since then I have been drawn to medicine.

The next event to shape my career was a job I took after undergrad to help my pre-med resume.  I worked as a medical assistant for a Podiatrist.  During my 1+ years there I was exposed to the patient doctor relationship.  I discovered the other reason I was drawn to medicine, the interpersonal interaction that occurs in a doctor’s office every day.

I tell you this story to demonstrate two things.  One is my philosophy as a doctor.  I see my role as an educator, and my goal is to educate patients about what is happening to their body.  Then between the two of us we can come up with an appropriate treatment plan.  The other is to encourage all to play a role in your care.  As I did when I was 6, you are never too young or old to be involved in the decision-making process.  In this information age, Dr. Google or other search engines can be resources, but verify things you find with other sources, to be assured you have good information.  Then when you arrive at the office you can further verify the online sources.

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Mark Tenny, DPM

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