shoe size | Albuquerque podiatrist Are you wearing the wrong size shoes? Wearing the wrong shoe size can lead to foot pain and problems. 

A recent study done in the UK on 2000 patients shows 1/3 of men and almost ½ of women have shoes that don’t fit right.   Some people might ask how that is possible but it doesn’t really surprise those of us who work with feet every day.  What people don’t realize is that their feet change constantly over time and the size you wore in high school is not the size you should be wearing now.  To compound this problem we have less and less stores fitting people and more and more folks are just plain buying shoes online and not trying them on at all. 

Different Shoe Brands Have Diiferent Sizes

I often joke with people about the fact that most shoes are now being made out of the U.S. and the standards are not very high and shoes just don’t fit like they used to.  We also see routinely that a size 10 in a Nike doesn’t even fit close to the same as a size 10 in a New Balance shoe. 

The Importance of Measuring Your Feet

In the clinic each day I see people with real problems that can cause real pain.   I see at least 1-2 people a day who simply need to invest in a properly fitted and properly stable shoe.  They don’t need surgery, and they don’t need injections, casts, or prescription medications.  Just a new pair of shoes.  Find a good store where they still carry a measuring device for your foot or ask your podiatrist for your size and go get some good shoes.  What constitutes a good shoe?  That’s a blog for another day.  How often do you go to a doctor and he simply tells you to go shopping.  Probably not often but it’s a great way to prevent foot pain, so start shopping.

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