Childhood Development: What’s normal and what’s not

Ever wonder why your child looks like they are flatfooted or pigeon-toed?  It all could be part of normal development.  I have a 5 year old and an infant so I have been watching feet grow and can sympathize with … Continue reading

Sports for kids and avoiding injuries

Doctors are seeing more and more injuries in kids due to overuse. Overuse injuries are more gradual and are caused from a repetitive activity that does not allow the body enough time to heal between playing. In general, these types … Continue reading

Back to School? Make sure your kids put their best foot forward

Summer is over and if your feet aren’t hurting a little, you may not have played hard enough. Even if your feet don’t hurt, back to school expenses might be painful. The beginning of the school year is when parents … Continue reading

Pediatric Heel Pain

Calcaneal apopysitis or pediatric heel pain is a common condition where the growth plate of the heel  is inflamed and becomes very painful.  It was previously called “Sever’s Disease” but it is not a true disease at all. Growing pains … Continue reading

Spring & Kids Feet

April is “National Foot Health” month.  As we come into Spring, everyone is getting more active.  My four children are all in sports.  I have two children in soccer, one in flag football, and one in track.  I have already … Continue reading