How to Avoid Foot Amputation

I have spent time in the past 4 weeks helping diabetic patients at all levels of care.  Many diabetic patients come into the office with questions about how to avoid being the other types of patients I have seen, those … Continue reading

Chronic Ulceration and Neuropathy

During this past month, I have been disheartened to see a lot of new patients come to my office for the first time with a long standing ulceration, or wound on the foot. Primarily, this is due to neuropathy, which … Continue reading

Diabetes and the Shoe

A person is diagnosed with diabetes every 23 seconds in America. That is a lot of Americans with a disease that kills more people annually than breast cancer and AIDS combined. When I educate newly diagnosed patients about diabetes, I … Continue reading

Charcot Disease

Diabetes can be a devastating disease. There are a lot of things that physicians are well trained to look for in the diabetic patient. There are other conditions that are not well known or understood. A condition known as “Diabetic … Continue reading