Achilles Tendon Injuries

If you watch basketball you probably saw or heard about DeMarcus Cousins recent injury to his achilles tendon.  He was diagnosed after the game with an MRI confirming a complete rupture of his achilles tendon which means he will not … Continue reading

Foot Fractures Take Time to Heal

I saw an article this week  That reminded me of questions and sometimes complaints I get in the office every week.  The question is why does it take a fracture so long to heal?  First off, most of the … Continue reading

Stress Fractures

I read an article recently about stress fractures in the foot and saw two stress fractures the same day in clinic.  The article described a few different locations that we see them. However, almost all the stress fractures we see here … Continue reading

Holiday Toothpick

Everyone knows that even the best athletes and most talented stars spend hours practicing and brushing up on their skills.  As a surgeon Dr. Williamson is always looking for opportunities to learn new ways to do things to make sure … Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Ice

I see many types  of injuries to the foot and ankle during a regular day at work.  These include sprains, broken bones, inflamed joints, tendonitis, and other mild overuse injuries.  The most popular problem we see is heel pain or plantar … Continue reading