Socks as Shoes?

There is no question that after a long day at work or play we all enjoy removing our shoes and getting a little air for our feet.  The issue is how far should that barefoot thing really go.  Walking around … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions?

Is Getting Into Shape Your New Years Resolution? Read this month’s newsletter because we have the article for you! It is cold outside and we are all wearing boots.  Don’t miss our article about “High Heeled Boots Can Be Dangerous”. … Continue reading

Why are High Heels bad?

Podiatrists think high heels are terrible.  Fashion designers think that high heels are wonderful. Who is right? Answer: the podiatrist (in most cases) When high heels or platform shoes were invented, the purpose was to increase height and status, especially … Continue reading

What kind of shoe should I buy?

I get this question asked on a weekly, if not daily basis. Shoes are a big part of our life and culture. Barefoot running and walking can be fine, but with diabetes and pavement everywhere in the US, it is … Continue reading

Do I have high or low arches? Does it matter?

People have a wide variety of foot sizes, shapes, types and deformities. Mr. Roger’s of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood taught that each child is special and everyone is different in the world. This is also true of the foot.  Thankfully, no … Continue reading

How is Gout Treated?

Up to now, we’ve talked about what causes gout and things that people most often mistake for gout. The obvious question is, “How is gout treated?” There are multiple factors to consider. The first is diet. An extensive internet search … Continue reading

I Was Told I Have Arthritis. What Does That Mean?

With over a hundred different types of arthritis and over 300 joints in the human body, the general term of arthritis can quickly get complicated and confusing.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Arthritis, in simple terms, is any … Continue reading

Gout! Why Me?

Oftentimes, when one thinks of gout, they think of their grandma seated with her leg up in the air and a big red toe with a heating pad on it.  This is a common misconception.  Gout can actually occur as … Continue reading

What Exactly is a Callus?

There are many myths about calluses and corns. Both corns and calluses are essentially the same thing. They are a build up of skin on the foot due to increased pressure in that particular area. When found on the bottom … Continue reading

Summer Sandals

It’s that time again in New Mexico when sandals and flip flops become the normal for almost all events. Here at New Mexico Foot and Ankle Institute we see the problems that come along with that. We see an increase … Continue reading