digital x-ray | Expert Albuquerque Podiatrist We finally had to say goodbye to an old faithful in the office last week.  We had an x-ray machine that was over 30 years old.  We took a lot of x-rays over the years and had a lot of service calls to keep it running.  The government in their infinite wisdom and goodness decided that all medical practices should be fully digital by 2018. 

We were earlier adopters of the digital x-ray revolution back in 2006 and now are early adopters in full digital capture system.  We moved from dark rooms and chemicals to digital cassettes and computer images in 2006 and now we have a machine that takes the image directly from the machine to the computer. 

The Importance of Digital X-Rays

This will speed up our x-ray process by almost half the time.   The quality of the images gets better and better every year and we are super excited to be able to diagnose and treat foot and ankle pathology even better than before.   Between our new X-cel x-ray head and the Tigerview software system we now have the best foot and ankle x-ray system available.  So the next time you are in the office and are lucky enough to have to have an x-ray check out the new technology and be amazed by the pictures of your foot it takes.

Nathan Ivey
Experienced Albuquerque podiatrist specializing in preventing and treating foot and ankle pain.