March brings the onset of spring and warmer weather.  As we decide to start doing more walking outside it’s also a great time to inspect our orthotics. Many orthotics are very durable and will last sometimes for years. Patients always ask when it is time to replace orthotics.  With plastic orthotics it is often hard to tell when they are worn out.  The biggest sign is increased symptoms in our feet. Orthotics wear out by getting softer and less supportive. If you don’t feel like you are getting the same support you used to, I can assure you that you are right.  If you have an over the counter orthotic and it is over a year old it is probably time to replace it. You can put a new orthotic in your exercise shoes and use the old ones in our old dirty work shoes or some dress shoes that need some increased support.  Custom orthotics that aren’t as supportive also make a good 2nd pair of orthotics for shoes that we don’t use as much and don’t do as much walking in.  March is a great time to come in and get fitted for some new orthotics. Bring in your old orthotics (custom or over the counter) and we’ll give you $50 off a new pair of custom orthotics.

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Nathan Ivey, DPM

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