I see many types  of injuries to the foot and ankle during a regular day at work.  These include sprains, broken bones, inflamed joints, tendonitis, and other mild overuse injuries.  The most popular problem we see is heel pain or plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the ligament that helps to hold up the arch).  There are many treatment options and many home remedies.  I think one of the most important and overlooked treatments is ice.  It is a very safe and effective anti-inflammatory and can help a painful foot feel much better without the use of medications taken by mouth that may have side effects.  Ice can be applied 10-30 minutes per hour with a break of 20-30 minutes between uses.  It can be done as many times in a day as you can find time to apply it.  This modality is used by therapists and trainers with professional athletes routinely.  Ice can be applied in many different forms so don’t be afraid to use a bag of peas as a substitute for an expensive ice pack.  So the next time you have a mild injury or sore foot  don’t forget to try the ice.  If it doesn’t get better within 24-48 hours give your podiatrist a call to have it evaluated for a more severe injury that may need more aggressive treatment.

Dr. Ivey

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