Summer Sandals and Ugly Nails

We treat onychomycosis, aka toenail fungus. It’s finally getting warm and spring has arrived and summer is almost here.  The sandals always start to show up in clinic this time of year.  We get an influx of both new pain … Continue reading

Battle against FUNGUS!

Are you embarrassed by your toenails?  Have you tried all of the home remedies on Pinterest for toenail fungus?  Do you still have toenail fungus?  Do you want to wear sandals this summer? If you answered “yes” to any of … Continue reading

Remove the Polish

It’s another beautiful summer in New Mexico with sunshine every day. For my female patients it is the time of year that sandals and open toed shoes of all kinds come out daily. For most, that means the toenails must … Continue reading

Right Doctor, Right Laser

Now what is the deal with having a licensed physician treating your fungal nails with a laser? When you come to see us at New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute for a consult on your nails you see a licensed … Continue reading

What’s wrong with the Groupon?

What’s wrong with the Groupon? I’d like to answer the question that keeps coming up in clinic when I talk to patients.  What’s wrong with the Groupon?  It’s cheaper and it is still a laser right?  Well that is a … Continue reading


The answer is YES….and right now!  This is the perfect time of year to treat your toenail fungus with our laser treatment at New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute.  Toenail fungus is treatable and the fall and winter months are … Continue reading

What’s that Laser for Anyway?

This week I bought my very own laser.  We’ve actually had it in house for the past 18 months and it’s been working great.  I often get asked if I can use it for other purposes than what it was … Continue reading