As football season begins again and we are exposed to the reasons we like to watch and for some why we like to play.  I am reminded of a little known injury that is very easily missed by ER physician, Orthopedist and Podiatrist alike, maybe because it’s named after a French gynecologist (Jacques Lisfranc de St Martin). 

Whats is a Lisfranc 

Lisfranc is a ligament that helps to stabilize your 1st Metatarsal.  It runs between two bones, the Medial Cuneiform and the 2nd metatarsal.  The disruption of this ligament can cause major instability in the foot.

I gave myself a review in lisfranc injuries after the opening game of the college football season 2 years ago.  Our starting quarterback suffered this injury in the lisfranc | Expert Albuquerque Podiatrist2nd quarter, but it was missed by the medical staff and he continued to play until he kept complaining of pain causing the staff to review their initial exam to find he had suffered a lisfranc injury. 

These injuries usually happen when you step in a hole or you miss a step.  In the case of our starting quarterback, he slowed down too fast on the turf.

Recovering From a Lisfranc Injury 

These injuries can be devastating to the biomechanics of the foot.  If diagnosed properly and treated surgically, whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, you can make a full recovery.  You will end up with some screws and pins in your foot but they are for the best and will aid in your recovery.  That quarterback is now a backup in the NFL, and we won the game in dramatic fashion.

Janet Simon
Experienced Albuquerque podiatrist specializing in preventing and treating foot and ankle pain.