What is digital radiography?

Digital radiography or digital x-rays is the modern way of taking and examining x-rays of the bones in your foot and ankle. An x-ray is taken of the areas to be examined and transferred to a computer which converts the images into digital, or computerized, x-ray pictures, which can then be enlarged, rotated, flipped-over, printed, emailed, etc. and has greatly enhanced our ability to diagnose small bone spurs and fractures that would usually go unrecognized with the older version of x-rays..

What is involved?

This involves simply taking an x-ray of your foot and/or ankle and the rest is performed by our expert staff, which develops the images, and sends them to your patient examining room where your doctor will go over them with you. The test is quick and painless, but because x-rays are still used you should let our staff and your doctor know if you think you might be pregnant.