Banish your Bunions – In time for Spring

foot with bunions and one that is bunion freeAs the temperature rises and we get excited for the warmer weather of spring we begin to pull out our open-toed shoes and sandals.  Now is the time to prepare your feet for summer!

I often get asked what those bumps are sticking out on the side of my foot in front of the big toe.  Bunions are painful lumps on the side of your foot that can hurt when you walk and make you want to hide your feet instead of wearing sandals and flip flops.  They are common in middle age people and are generally genetic and not from wearing “bad shoes” or “heels” as many have suggested.

The bony growth of the bunion can become inflamed and painful, making finding comfortable shoes difficult.  The bump can also cause pain in the ball of the foot which is a big reason many come in for treatment.  In extreme cases, bunions can affect the rest of the foot causing multiple other deformities including overlapping toes.  Bunions become progressively worse over time.  Non-surgical treatments are to wear comfortable shoes, and sometimes insoles or “orthotics.”  Sometimes padding helps as well as splints but they have never been shown to help the deformity get better.

At some point most people decide to get rid of the bunion rather than continue to try and “live” with it.  There are many types of fixes for bunions and they continue to get easier and easier to recover from.  The severity of the bunion dictates the type of surgery required to correct the bony lump.  Many bunions are easier to fix earlier than later and sometimes it is the difference between a walking recovery and casts and crutches.  It is always a good idea to get x-rays early on even if you aren’t considering surgery so measurements of the deformity can be taken and tracked over time.  Winter is always a good time to fix a bunion so that everything is healed and ready to go for the spring sandal season.

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