Blisters are a real pain in the foot, for many reasons.  I was running the other day, enjoying the thin New Mexico air, and that pain started on both my feet.  Blisters can pop up for many reasons; excess friction, excess heat, etc.  They are the separation of the epidermis from the dermis and they hurt a lot.  They are filled with clear or serous fluid or they can be filled with blood.

How do you Prevent blisters?

Most blisters form because of friction between your skin and the shoe.  The way to prevent them is to counteract or stop that mechanism.  In my case of the blisters from running I could have worn a second pair of socks, which causes friction between the two pairs of socks instead of your skin.  Another way to prevent the mechanical blister is to pad around the area to take pressure off the skin, this can be done with a felt pad or some mole skin.  The biggest key to preventing is knowing why they are happening in the first place.

Do I pop the blister?

Short answer is no, but as many rules there is an exception.  If the blister is large then yes you can pop it.  The way to do it is to just pop the side and let the fluid drain out.  Resist the temptation to remove the top of the blister, that is your protection for the dermis.

When to see a doctor

There are a few reasons to come in, one is a large tense blister.  You may need some more specific professional advice to care for the really big ones.  If there is blood in the blister, bring that one in to the office.  Lastly any blister that forms without a clear cause should be seen, as there are a number of diseases that can cause blisters.

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Mark Tenny, DPM

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