Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

Peripheral vascular disease can effect one or more of the three types of vessels or “pipes” that carry fluid or blood in the extremitiesperipheral vascular disease

  1. Arteries – carry blood and fluid away from the heart. Harder. More narrow and more pressure.
  2. Veins – carry blood back to the heart. Bigger, wider, less pressure.
  3. Lymphatic’s – carries lymph (a clear fluid that bathes the body) back to the heart.

Vascular disease is very common, which is a broad term that describes disease to one or more of the above types of blood vessels in the circulatory system. It often does not get the attention that it frequently needs as many doctors are busy trying to prevent and treat coronary arterial disease (CAD)/heart disease, heart attack, stroke, smoking, and diabetes.

Patients frequently present with pains in the legs and foot and need treatment for their peripheral vascular disease. Podiatrists treat these problems on a frequent basis and can frequently help patients get back on track to a healthier and pain free life.

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Justin Ward, DPM


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