Right Doctor, Right Laser

Now what is the deal with having a licensed physician treating your fungal nails with a laser? When you come to see us at New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute for a consult on your nails you see a licensed doctor of podiatric medicine. My partner and I both have years of training as well as experience treating all elements of nail disease and pathology both medically and surgically. The list of nail diseases is very long. We were treating nail fungus long before there was a laser to treat it with. We can give you every option available for your nails, not just sell you on a procedure that may or may not work. There are many variables that go into the success of the treatment including health and immune system issues that only a physician can talk to you about. Despite having very few downsides to the treatment, there are still people who are not good candidates for success. A nail salon or spa will not be able to fully evaluate you and let you know what all the options are and which are best tailored for you.

So what is the deal with the laser? We use a Pinpointe laser which was the first, and for quite some time, the only laser FDA approved on the market. It has by far the most use for this indication with over a 100,000 treatments and growing. We have had our laser for almost 3 years now and it has been on the market in the US for over 4. There are multiple scientific studies showing the efficacy of this laser. No other company can say that. New Mexico Foot & Ankle Institute was the only company in New Mexico doing laser nail treatments for almost 2 years before any competition hit the market. We have 100’s of procedures done in our office, more than any other in New Mexico. We have modified our protocols to match the experience that we are having. Many lasers are being modified to treat multiple conditions. Pinpointe is maximized to treat only nails and as such is designed to do one and only one thing, kill fungus. We have seen great success with the laser and will continue to lead the community with the best laser and the best doctors treating the best patients in the state.

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Nathan Ivey, DPM

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