What is a bunion and what causes it?

bunions-causesBunions are basically bumps on the inside of the foot. They are a common foot deformity that is frequently ignored and not treated early. Bunions cause the big toe to drift and point toward the second toe. They can cause arthritis as the bone loses its natural alignment, making it painful and less functional.

Bunions are progressive. Though there are many people who can go their entire life with a progressive pain-free bunion, many people have worsening deformity and pain. Once the bone has changed and moved over it does not naturally go back. Bunions are usually painful in later stages.

In short, bunions are an inherited deformity. Foot types cause abnormal range of motion on the back and middle part of the foot, which then in turn forces the bunion to develop or at least worsen. Bunions are less common in cultures that do not wear shoes. It is true that shoes can make a bunion get worse, especially tight or narrow shoes, but they do not likely cause bunions to form. Studies have shown that 58% to 80% of cases have a positive family history for the deformity.

There are lots of treatments for bunion and there is no need to suffer, especially since early treatment is usually the right treatment.

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